Retail Leasing

Making Retail Shopping Centres Thrive

We blend professional management with data-driven strategies to ensure your retail shopping centre meets and exceeds community and investor expectations.

Leasing the right way

At the core of our business is the understanding that every square metre matters. We know how to optimise your retail spaces.

Retail Asset owners are having a tough time filling their vacant space in recent times.

The solution to this problem isn’t as simple as “put up a sign and wait for the phone to ring.” To find the right tenants for the right location that will pay the right rents you need to have the best tools and experienced people at your disposal.

We are a team of industry experts that understand what is required for long-term retail success. We know it isn’t about leasing to just anyone, it is about leasing to the RIGHT business that will bring in the RIGHT foot traffic for the overall success of your retail ecosystem.

Creating an environment where sales productivity is maximized is critical to both yours and your tenant’s success. The retail landscape is rapidly evolving, and you need to respond now. Your competitors are targeting the same retail brands and customer wallet that you are.

Proactive Leasing

Our leasing approach is dynamic and responsive, ensuring a mix of tenants that attracts a steady flow of shoppers and enhances the overall shopping experience. 

We do this by utilising not only our years of experience and contacts, but data driven insights;

Demographic and Psychographic Analysis

Our exclusive partnership with gives you access to unparalleled data that will assist you in making strategic decisions that create value. uses up-to-the minute data sets that gives you an unfair advantage over your competition.

Strategic Asset Planning

Combining our Centre IQ and in-depth data analysis we will work with you to develop an overarching Asset Strategy, Leasing Strategy, Targeted Marketing Strategy and Financial targets for your asset.

Customer Market Analysis

Understanding who your customers are and what drives their spending decisions to help you make informed decisions about tenancy mix, capital spend and day to day operations.

Digital Lead Profiling

With our extensive database, our team can create detailed lookalike profiles to identify specific independent retailers with a targeted lead generation strategy.

Coupled with our extensive relationships and commercial networks will ensure that the right solution is found for you.

Our Leasing strategy will focus on the Right Retailer, Right Location, Right Usage and Right Rent.

We can provide leasing services for

1. Operational centres to minimise vacancies and maximise shopper draw and rents achieve
2. Project – ensuring budgets and timelines are met
3. Development Feasibilities – giving confidence that projects are achievable
4. Leasing Administration ensuring leases effectively documented and enforced
5. Retail space design so that retail spaces reflect the unique character of tenants business while enhancing the overall appeal of the centre
6. Tenancy Delivery to minimise downtime and to optimise standards and retailer presentation

Digital Lead Generation & Profiling

We’re here to help with our lead generation services designed specifically for retail properties.

Our team of experienced leasing managers will take care of all the hard work for you. With our digital marketing solutions, we can fill any available space efficiently within budget.

Once we know what we are looking for, we have the skills, database and know-how to locate the right tenant for you.

An example of a retail landing page for Revel Training

Digital Marketing Strategies

Leasing Brochures
Brand Books
Landing Pages
Website Analysis & Reporting
Action Plans
Nurture Campaigns

Argus Asset Services Lead Generation examples

Social Media Strategy

• Interest Targeting Built according to the specific retailers we want to capture, this campaign narrows our audience by interest, geo-targeting, and age group.

• Re-targeting With persuasive ad copy, this campaign captures those who have previously visited the website and have not yet been converted to a lead.

• Custom Audience Targeting If there are specific individuals of interest on your radar (e.g. existing tenants, those who have enquired previously), we target them directly.

• Lookalike Audience Targeting By collecting website visitor data and analysing custom audiences, we generate a similar ‘lookalike’ audience to target.

As qualified leads are generated, we then expand our reach through Facebook group and competitor targeting.

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