Argus Asset Management

Where Strategy Meets Sustainability and Performance

Our comprehensive suite of services, spanning from strategic asset management and day-to-day operations to innovative marketing and robust risk mitigation, is meticulously designed to foster growth and profitability.

Catering to a diverse portfolio, including Regional, Suburban, Neighbourhood, and CBD properties, we are committed to propelling each asset towards its maximum potential.​

Comprehensive Asset Management for All Classifications of Shopping Centres

We create extraordinary shopping centres and mixed-use assets performance, achieving higher valuation, profit returns and sustained growth. This is achieved by constantly being “aware” on behalf of the owner and looking to improve their investment through world-class management strategies, operations, marketing, and leasing techniques.

From Regional, Sub Regional, Neighbourhood, and CBDs, we’re here to help every step of the way. With our deep market knowledge and practical strategies, we focus on what truly matters, turning your asset into a lively place where business and community come together.

We blend personal touch with data-driven strategies to ensure your retail shopping centre not only meets but exceeds community and investor expectation.

Our comprehensive services include:

1. Strategic Asset Management and analysis and strategies to drive asset value
2. Property Management and day to day operations
3. Contractor appointment, management and optimisation
4. All financial activities, especially the effective management of rental collections
5. Strategic Marketing Strategy Development and execution
6. Tenant and stakeholder management and engagement
7. Capital and Business Development Projects
8. Effective, value add reporting
9. Risk mitigation across all aspects of the asset

Every retail shopping centre has its unique charm. We tailor our strategies to amplify your asset’s strengths, focusing on community integration and sustainability and ultimate, value optimistation.

Key Asset Management Services

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