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The Ultimate Retail Ecosystem
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To deliver the Ultimate Retail Ecosystem, we need the right tenant, with the right offer, in the right location, and at the right rental level. To manage risk in this process and future-proof the ongoing viability of retailers within your asset, we collect, analyse, and interpret the market data:


Broad geospatial data sets and advanced analytics


Every piece of commercial real estate data in the market

The power of Propella.ai

With our joint venture partnership with Propella.ai, we access broad geospatial data sets and advanced analytics to contribute factual information to the development of your asset strategy.

Once we have taken you through our sample Propella.ai report you will wonder how you have made it this far.

With the intelligent technology of propella.ai, Argus Asset Services will introduce you to a world of information you didn’t know existed.

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Our Data Edge is Deriving the Principal Trade Area with Argus Asset Services and propella.ai

Deriving the Trade Area

With the power of Propella.ai we can digitally define your trade area.

Psychographic Profiling with propella.ai and Argus Asset Services

Under and Over Represented Personas

Propella.ai delivers the ability to analyse your trade area Psychographics.

Retail Analysis from Argus Asset Services by utilising propella.ai

Supply and Demand Analysis using AI

With Propella.ai’s advanced technology, we can analyse Retail Supply and Demand in a particular trade area.

The value of Arealytics

Arealytics™ provides the most comprehensive set of proactively collected and maintained commercial real estate information available in the market.

As a shareholder of Arealytics™, our leasing process is complimented with every piece of commercial real estate data in the market: face rents, lease expiries, tenancy lists, property details, sales history, ownership data, and real-time vacancy and availability.

Reach out to us at Argus Asset Services to discover more about the Data and Technology solutions for Commercial Real Estate Professionals.

An Overview of Arealytics™

  • Lease expiries

  • Face rents

  • Real-time vacancy and availability

  • Property details

  • Sales history

  • Ownership data

  • Analytics

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