Argus Retail Advisory

Solutions That Drive Success

We focus on the performance of retail shopping centres. Our approach combines detailed analysis and strategic planning to improve both community impact and investor returns.

We guide clients in choosing the right retailer, location, and rent, utilising our market knowledge and tools like Centre IQ and for insightful decision-making.

Making the right Decision

We use our expertise to guide you with your key decisions making.

Our team has an array of experience and in-depth market knowledge.

This experience is available on a consulting basis for -:

    • Feasibility Development and Modelling: Ensuring that what is modelled can be delivered.
    • Master Planning and Retail Scheme Development: Ensuring what is planned will work for retailers and deliver returns to owners.
    • Acquisition and Disposal Due Diligence: Assessing assets accurately to inform buying or selling decisions.
    • Demographic & Psychographic Analysis: Understanding market segments and consumer behaviours to tailor strategies.
    • Customer Profiling: Identifying and analysing target customers for strategic engagement.
    • Location Intelligence: Leveraging geographic and psychographic data for strategic site selection and market analysis.
    • Competitor Analysis: Evaluating competitive landscape to inform strategic positioning.

At every stage of the process, we will be working closely with you ensuring any decisions are backed with the best analysis and insights possible.