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Shopping Centre Leasing and Management Like No Other

For the last 50 years the way shopping centre leasing and management has largely remained unchanged. With the exception of the larger REIT’s who have access to funds to purchase data and be more specific in their strategy, most shopping centre owners and managers have taken a far less sophisticated approach, relying on their agents to “hit the phones” and call as many retailers as possible saying…. Do you want a shop?….do you want a shop?….do you want a shop?

To compete in today’s rapidly evolving retail world, owners must change how they get things done. Every investment decision must contribute to improving asset value. In recognising this gap in the retail sector, Jason Brown, of Australia’s most experienced shopping centre leasing and asset managers have launched Argus Asset Services to give their clients an advantage in the marketplace.

It is very clear that for many years shopping centre owners have not had access to resources or data that allowed them to develop robust retail strategies and asset plans that drive and optimise the value of their assets. Realising this opportunity and drawing on their experience working with major landlords across multiple high profile retail projects, Jason have designed a clear strategic business model that owners and developers can deploy to provide value growth, planning and delivery outcomes that most owners and developers have never had access to. 

It was while developing this strategic Shopping Centre Leasing and Management business model that the concept of CENTRE IQ was developed. With an overarching Mantra of “creating the ultimate retail ecosystem”, the CENTRE IQ tool will be used to interrogate and assess operations, tenancy mix, trade areas, physical characteristics and social media feedback to determine an asset’s current CENTRE IQ score. Once this baseline is established, CENTRE IQ can then be used to inform the development of the strategic asset plan, focusing on the available areas for improvement and value growth.

Argus Asset Services developed a CENTRE-IQ-Score to improve your asset
Current CENTRE IQ Score example

Using strategic partners such as to determine deep trade data and psychographics, and as a shareholder in the most advanced commercial real estate database Arealytics, Argus Asset Services will be able to provide intelligence and lead generation unique in the shopping centre industry to ensure the highest quality result for any of our clients. Combining this deep understanding of the physical asset (Centre IQ) and your customers ( gives Argus Asset Services and its partners a big market advantage.

As Managing Director of Argus Asset Services, I’m very excited to launch our business but more importantly to see the results the CENTRE IQ tool and our team can deliver for our clients. 

There is nothing in the market that comes 
close to what we have developed. 

The insights we can provide ensure we are “creating the ultimate retail ecosystem” for all the assets we work on. Together with Jason’s vast experience and our team, we are perfectly poised to build asset plans that maximise returns for you.

We look forward to walking you through our capabilities in person.