Shopping Centre Management

Revitalising Retail Spaces and Maximising Profits with Data-Driven Tools

Improve your retail property's performance with focused leasing strategies that drive revenue and solidify market position. We deliver tenant placement that fosters community engagement and keeps pace with market changes.

Retail Asset Management for Owners & Investors with an Eye to the Future

We are a team of industry experts that understand what is required for long-term retail success. 

We know it isn’t about leasing to anyone, it is about leasing to the RIGHT business that will bring in the RIGHT foot traffic for the overall success of your retail ecosystem. 

At the core of our business is the understanding that every square metre matters and how we can optimise your retail spaces.

Retail & Commercial Leasing

Argus Asset Services have a detailed understanding of the retail and commercial landscape in Australia.

Coupled with our extensive relationships and commercial networks will ensure that the right solution is found for you.

Demographic and Psychographic Analysis

Our exclusive partnership with gives you access to unparalleled data that will assist you in making strategic decisions that create value. uses up-to-the minute data sets that gives you an unfair advantage over your competition.

Customer Market Analysis

Understanding who your customers are and what drives their spending decisions to help you make informed decisions about tenancy mix, capital spend and day to day operations.

Strategic Asset Planning

Combining our Centre IQ and in-depth data analysis we will work with you to develop an overarching Asset Strategy, Leasing Strategy, Targeted Marketing Strategy and Financial targets for your asset.

Digital Lead Profiling

With our extensive database, our team can create detailed lookalike profiles to identify specific independent retailers with a targeted lead generation strategy.


Argus Asset Services will use its expertise to guide you with your key decisions making.

At every stage of the process, we will be working closely with you ensuring any decisions are backed with the best analysis and insights possible.

Due Diligence Analysis

Using all the disciplines described above we can assist you with your key decisions on Asset acquisition or Asset disposal. Our in depth market knowledge will ensure you make the right call.

Feasibility Development and Modelling

We can assist you with the development of your project feasibility and ensure that what is modelled can be delivered.

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Our Strategy

The Argus Asset Services team are a highly experienced property team providing a single platform where property owners, asset managers and all retail property professionals can have tailored solutions to this changing retail world met.

As your partner we handpick and tailor an asset response for you using our innovative platform and core services including:


The first task at hand is to put your asset under a microscope to create the ultimate retail ecosystem.

Strategic Asset Planning

Using the CENTRE IQ analysis tool and our in-depth market data, we develop and execute a clear action plan for every aspect of the asset.


We have developed our own unique system to track all negotiations and provide automated, detailed reporting to key stakeholders.

Propella ai.

We access broad geospatial data sets and advanced analytics to contribute factual information to the development of your asset.


As a shareholder of Arealytics™, our leasing process is complimented with every piece of commercial real estate data in the market.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Our team are able to create detailed look-alike profiles to identify specific independent retailers with a targeted lead generation.

Who we are

To create the Ultimate Retail Ecosystem for your asset, we have put together a team to ensure we are providing market-leading capability in all of the core services areas.


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